HR Service Organisation Modelling

Main Objective​

Having an efficiently structured HR service organisation in place is a key factor in successfully supporting the business of a company. It is a service provider within the organisation with a constant ambition to satisfy managers’ and employees’ needs while being as cost-sensitive as possible. ​

Main Challenge​

The effectiveness of an HR service organisation is closely linked to the HR systems used to support the services. Especially when implementing an HR core cloud solution, the service organisation needs to be adopted before a technical implementation. When using an external service provider the activity split needs to be reflected accordingly. ​

Our Expertise
  • For more than ten years we have been consulting large HR service organisations during their transition to global HR on-premise systems and HR cloud solutions.


  • We understand the expectations from a business organisation towards their HR support function and the need to operate as an effective cost centre.


  • We will help define the correct activity split between an HR service organization, the internal HR IT organisation and a potential external service provider based on the knowledge gained during various projects.

Your Benefit​
  • Having the right HR Service Organisation in place before starting the Digital Transformation journey. Best practice Change Management and Communication will accompany this transition.


  • With an effective and efficient HR Service Organisation, a company can react flexibly towards changes in strategy. Implementation of HR cloud solutions and outsourcing of HR Services can subsequently be achieved.


  • Clear roles and responsibilities and Service Level agreements will ensure a smooth Management of Incidents and a high satisfaction rate in the business organization.

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