Cloud Implementation


Implementing major HR cloud systems benefits the technical and strategic competitiveness of organisations. It also changes the collaboration between HR business and IT organisations, the way they are structured and how IT operates.


Moving into the HR cloud is not only a big step from a technology and taxonomy perspective. Moreover, it is a big mind change as cloud products are less flexible when it comes to specific client needs. They also require a different set-up of the company’s support structure.

  • Knowing about the obstacles that clients and organisations experience when moving into the cloud – lessons learned from various cloud implementation projects.

  • Agile implementation methodology demands detailed documentation of configuration requests. (Configuration) decisions require immediate and close tracking.

  • Establish a tailored “Digital Employee Journey” by knowing how to structure simple and logical system access from a user perspective.

  • Establishing a common taxonomy as the foundation for understanding a new cloud solution. Shaping a new Target Operating Model and HR support organisation suiting to a cloud.

  • Unified sign-off procedure for configuration decisions and blueprints. Implementation and global usage of decision matrix and decision review process.

  • Cloud solution access strategy and set up for employees and the client’s HR organisation.

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