2023 HCM Virtual Winter Event



I’m Shaahid Adams, HCM’s newest team member. This is my review of the latest 2023 HCM Team event.

The thought of interconnectedness often perplexes my mind. How we as humans are so different, yet all the same in the ways that matter. How a network of copper and glass can bridge the gaps between countries, and more spectacularly how a network of people can bridge the gaps between generations, cultures, ideas and work. The first virtual team event that I attended this year was truly a testimony to how powerful human connections are as well as how we often overthink things a little too much. It doesn’t have to be so complicated.

After being onboarded, my young age and inexperience left me rather nervous to engage with my team. After all, they are all quite knowledgeable in their respective fields. Thankfully, I haven’t embarrassed myself with anything too Gen Z just yet (I hope). I’m grateful that the team event gave me an insight into what the team was like outside of work. It was eye-opening to see the serious Jedi masters grab a drink and talk about their lives.

Our guest speaker, Anton Tymoshenko, really helped to break the ice. His comedy skit about life in Ukraine was simultaneously funny and educational. Despite the situation on the ground, Ukrainians still have a sense of humour. I was happy to hear that HCM also hired web developers, Lena and Larysa from the Ukrainian design agency ‘Gremcy’ to build our new website. They really knocked it out of the park. It is inspirational to see what people can do despite the circumstances they find themselves in. I think everyone should give more opportunities to that sort of people. They will surprise you, as they surprised me.

I really appreciated the year recap that took place after Anton’s presentation. I wish all companies would execute it in such a way. Laughing at the silliness that took place at previous team events, celebrating each other’s achievements and viewing caricatures of ourselves was a memorable experience that fostered a sense of connection, though I really hope my nose doesn’t look like that in real life. Regardless, I felt like I was part of something, and that was a great feeling. You can see me along with the HCM team in the above photo, which was drawn by the talented artist, Nate Hines, during the event. He also drew the caricatures that are on this page during our virtual event, capturing the essence of the moment.

When I found out that we would be playing an online game, I admittedly thought I was going to win. All those hours of Fortnite were about to pay off. Spoiler alert: We played Kahoot instead and I got demolished. It was still hilarious to see how we all answered the questions differently. The little technicalities and inaccuracies made the experience more enjoyable. In the end, I was not upset at all about losing. I learnt a lot about my teammates, and I think that was the real goal of that game. However, I will be prepared for the next one…

If you are reading this, be sure to attend your next team event. Get to know the people you work with, beyond the work you do together because a team is much more than just work.  It is also a network of opportunities to connect with people. Success isn’t just about what you achieve. It is also about what you inspire others to achieve, and you certainly can’t inspire before you understand the people around you.

About The Author

Hey there. Glad you’re here! While I have your attention, let me introduce myself. I’m Shaahid. I’m a computer science and applied statistics student from Cape Town. I have been given the awesome opportunity to work for HCM amidst my studies. It has been an insightful and educational experience that I am excited to take further. I love all things nerdy and when I’m not mashing keyboards or squashing bugs I enjoy motorcycling, squash, archery and sometimes painting. Phew, I think that’s a wrap!

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